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Pastor Paul On April - 5 - 2010

If you have experienced our Inner-City Mission Trip – please share with everyone below. If you were a leader of a group please mention that and share how leading a group went as well as your immersion into the inner-city.

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  1. I went on at least 2 inner city trips. I loved it! I would do it again, absolutely :-) It helped me understand, it increased the width of my perspective on the world and many more things. I think mission trips to the core of USA cities is an underused way of positively challenging church goers and bringing them up close to the needs of our communities – in a way that invites them to be part of Gods solution.

  2. Dave Martin says:

    I was part of the first MI inner-city mission trip in 2002 & was really blessed by my experience. We had a Thursday & Friday mission equipping at a retreat center under the direction of Curt Rosen & his friend, Arnie, from Norway. Once I stopped fighting what they were trying to teach us at the equipping session, I really learned a lot–things that have stuck with me & were very valuable on a recent month-long mission trip to Nigeria.

    The 3 of us who participated in the inner-city mission went directly from the retreat center to an Hispanic church in the Phillips area of Minneapolis. There, we met Pastor Juan, who mentored us throughout our stay & assigned us to live with members of his congregation. We stayed with our host families from Friday night to the following Thursday afternoon. We helped with various aspects of ministry throughout the week & I got to preach the message on Sunday with the aid of an interpreter.

    I thoroughly enjoyed all of my experience on that inner-city mission trip, but the most rewarding part of my trip was getting to know my hosts, Luis & Marta Chacon & their family. This family from El Salvador became our closest friends in the Twin Cities. When it was time for me to go home that Thursday, they followed me back to Woodbury to meet my family & to celebrate our daughter’s 11th birthday with us. We shared many meals together–some at our home–some at theirs–over our remaining years in seminary. We remain close friends 8 years later & talk often on the phone. The Chacon’s also have visited us in WI on several occasions. For their friendship alone, I am very thankful for having had the opportunity to do an inner-city mission trip.

    So, for those of you considering an inner-city mission trip–be bold & be expectant. Sometimes God gives you much more than just a learning experience. Sometimes, He gives you forever friends through the experience.

    Blessings in Christ,

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